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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 16, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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captioning made possible by disney--abc domestic television captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. >> good evening. >> break news in oakland. all northland north under lanes near jackson street closed. >> shooting victim has been found lying in the roadway. we'll bring you more details just as soon as they become available. >> also tonight. developing news san francisco state university where campus police officer was taken to the hospital during a confrontation with protestors. he was hurt when group of demonstrators and squatters tried to take over a dormatory. >> officers had evicted the squatters yesterday from apartment building in ocean view district. this is cell phone video of the scene where police arrested 5 people. the protest also drove students from their dorm rooms. >> other top story credit card
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numbers stolen with a simple flight. >> happened very busy gas station on ignition valley road walnut creek where credit card skimmers were rigged. we have the story lillian the skimmers are tough tore spot than others we have seen. >> well apparently so dan now one of the skimming did he vase one of the skimming did he vases found inside pump no. 6 here at the gas station. employee discovered it one day after another did he vase was found at the nearby chevron. no bigger than a sugar packet but capable of a lot of damage. walnut creek police seize 2 of the so-called skimming did he vices over the past couple day vices over the past couple days. first found inside a gas pump at the chevron and another found inside gas pump just down the street. >> it's not just normal people because i see this did he vase is like fv. >>reporter: investigators say the device is electronically
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capture a person credit or debit card information and there's no way a customer would have ever known the pump they were using had been tampered with. >> completely internal. nothing external that would have show that had there was any type of skimming device in. >> fortunately the information stored on the did he vase is now in the hands of investigators. customers still condition. >> i'll go home and check my accounts to make sure that nothing has gone wrong. >> i probably will not use a debit card any more. probably just make sure i have the cash. because it's safer. >> walnut creek police have notified other law enforcement agency. try to determine if this is part of a wide spread operation. >> i would be a fool to say i'm only concerned about the 2 gas stations but i think it could definitely be a bigger possibility in the bay area. >>reporter: walnut creek, >>reporter: walnut creek, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> richmond police need help finding the killer of woman neighbor fondly called granny. several shots hit 64-year-old miss todd as she slept in her
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bed last night. she died after being rushed to the hospital. bullet hole riddled on the side of the home and detectives believe the shooter actually targeting the son he suffered minor jersey after being grazed by a bullet. >> is a lean as man arrested and his alleged victim a young girl federal raid. 7 news reporter lisa has more now on international law enforcement operation that was involved and how the girl was saved. >> this is the man federal agents accuse of sexually abusing a young girl. anonymous tip led to the arrest of david stevens at home in salinas yesterday. before that the feds only had these photo to go by of an unidentified man. >> they were still photo of video. that was depicting sexual abuse of a minor. >> feds got the hand on the child porn earlier this month. after danish authorities found the video on line. they knew the man was american because of the items and product in this photo.
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>> concern we had was that there was ongoing abuse happening. a lot of times we come across chilled pornography it's dated stuff. >>reporter: according to the criminal complaint the video were date stamped april 14 and 27. the first video shows a man standing in front of the pre-puberty female with the pants around the aevrj. he's wearing boxer shorts. >> such outrageous crime. that innocent child is the victim and could be ongoing. >>reporter: investigators believe more victims could be out there. steven neighbor are in shock. >> too many kids around here for that to be happening around my pwloychblingt stevens arraigned here in federal court june 6. possible charges include production and possession of child pornography and sexual abuse of a minor. in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. >> searcher in texas still looking for at least 6 people who remain missing after 16 tornadoes struck the northern
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part of the state. one of those tornadoes killed 6 people last nature in grand berry about 40 miles south west of forth worth. local sheriff says the search for other victims will continue until quote every peace of debris is turned over. the sheriff believes the missing people are still alive. >> more fall out at the irs tonight. second official his now stepped down. joseph grant who oversaw the division that targeted tea party groups will retire in june. this news comes just hours after president obama named daniel to replace irs commissioner miller who resign. tea party activist descended on washington claiming vindication in the complaint about perceived government over-reach. many now plan to suit irs. >> city of san francisco is increasing security at sunday bay to breaker nraes response to the deadly boston marathon bombing. one of the biggest changes camera. this year surveillance camera at the start and finish lane. also be more officers including special
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op and bomb technician just in case. rules of the race this year no alcohol. no floats. no large backpack. no wheeled object and no pets. >> big changes. >> big changes indeed. >> we trade. but the warriors just couldn't get it done tonight in game 6. >> heart breaking loss. >> larry live at the oracle arena for us. >> warriors head coach jackson just spoke few minutes ago and he called this an incredible ride but the tank was absolutely on empty. warriors magical season came to an end tonight here in oakland. show you a few of the key play in the game. curry able to bounce back from rough game 522 points tonight as warriors cut a 12 point deficit down to 2 late now the spurs hit some big shots. leonard knocked did you know a huge 3 to stepped the spurs lead back to 7 points and parker who hit only 3 of 16 shots sticks a critical 3 late
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to put it away as the spurs victorious 94-82 and take the the series 4 games to 2 and really nice moment for the team and fans at the end of the game and fans at the end of the game. the fans were chanting warrior warrior and the team came out to the a collective curtain call as the fans most appreciative of what was spectacular and surprising season. we have lots more highlights and enter have you coming up later on in sports. back to you. >> thanks see you then. >> of course it has been a great run but warrior fans understandably disappointed tonight. amma is live at oracle arena with fan reaction for us. >> carolyn, people came to the game pumped. ready for this but unfortunately as you said they left a little disappointed but still full of hope for fix!next fix year. >> they came. the and they cheered. this sea of california gold and yellow all pulling for the warriors to even the series against the
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spurs. >> 2007 made it to the ticket round and this year, nobody where nobody really cared about them we'll win. >> clock wound down it became clear no win for the warriors. >> they were awesome. they are so good next year. bucket didn't fall tonight but it is what it is. they are definitely back next year. >> awesome. the crowd and team both turned it up big time at the end of the year and during the play offs. >> exciting run filled with up and down but as this guy says. >> serious i wouldn't mess with the guy. now mayor lee of san francisco rae leased a statement tonight declaring may 21, tuesday, as golden state warrior day in san francisco and giving curry a key to the city for setting the all time record for 3 point made in a regular season. so the warriors did a great job but unfortunately the season end here tonight. in oracle arena
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a-abc 7 news. >> still a lieutenant to be proud of. >> thanks vichlt up next. predicting the chance pregnancy new tall for finding out the likely had had of invitro fertilization working for you. >> the mountain lion roaming through downtown santa cruz today. what authorities had to do to get it under control and what they are going to do with it now. >> cybercampaign to rescue fleet week. >> as you look at leif picture from the roof cam visibility good lacking towards em back dare o. temperatures in the 50's. cal start to the morning. wake up weather coming and
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>> more than 7 million people struggle within fertility in the country. treatments now widely available but they can cost tens of thousands of dollars and no guarantee they will work. now company in los altos offering women a personal altos offering women a personalize predictor of the chances of success with ivf. 5 month old lucas is the baby his mom always dreamed of. but having a child proved far more challenging than she and her husband every imagined. >> we started trying about 10 months after married and we were beth pretty young so we didn't think it was going to be hard. and after about a year about 11 months we kind of started to wonder why it wasn't
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after consult with specialist it becamethat invitro fertilization the best shot at starting a family. >> i am a person that needs a lot of information before making a decision and especially something like ivf a huge sdichlingts i wanted all the information possible. >> the research led her to unify on line personalize prediction test to determine a woman's likelihood of having success with ivf. >> compares it against data from tens of thousands of ivf cycle. >> that have already been performed with known outcome. and then gives very alaska are the read on what is the success. chance of success of this patient. >> the doctor is co-founder of unified. >> look we have always known that more factor other than h that impact a patient chance of success. >> using advance statistical analysis the doctor offers potential patients real numbers consider before moving forward. for the pre-ivf test a woman
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enters height weight age, enters height, weight, age some basic fertility number an smoking history. same is true for her partner. and then in just a matter of minutes she receives this test report back from unify including a probability of live birth. in this case that's 47 percent chance. prognosis that's in the top third of patients in terms of having a successful ivf cycle. information that helps put the odds in perspective. >> it's really hard staples for patients to understand the statistics. >> dr. lynn west fall reproductive endocrinologist at stanford fertility and reproductive medical center and it helps patient understand their chances. >> this is i think a nice tool to use for a lot of patients. it just gives them another piece of information while they are trying to make the decision. >> in me lace case probability of success was above 65 percent. she had 3 ivf cycle in all. first ended in miss karim. the second was
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unsuccessful and the third gave her lucas. for her unified confirmed what the doctors were telling her about her chances. >> i honestly think if i hadn't gone through this extremely hard journey to get here i don't know if i could appreciate hit him the way do i every tonight when i rock him to sleep. i'm just amazed he's mine. >> cost of the test ranks from 50 to 100 dollars for the pre-test to 1 75 for the predict ivf test. that's for women who have already undergone invet row fertilization and considering another cycle. >> mountain lion caught in downtown santa cruz back in the wild tonight. animal returned to the santa cruz mountains this evening. it was first spotted this morning near may avenue. authorities corner it. in aquaduct before shooting witness a couple of tranquilizer darts. veterinarians carried it off for medical examination that determined it was healthy enough to be relessed and it was tonight. >> it looks like yahoo could be hit by the web site tumbler.
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they are quoting source that is say the talk are serious and price tag could reach as high as 1 billion dollars. ceo meier trying to attract a younger hiper demographic for yahoo. >> fans of the navy blue angel hope on line fundraiser can save a staple of fleet week in san francisco. budget cuts force the navy to cut all blue angel show the rest of the year angel show the rest of the year. campaign organizers weren't to reach cyberdonor through fundraising site lake crowd tilt. the goal 650,000 dollars. so far blue angel pledges have added up to 6100 dollars. ways to good. back to the bricking news writ now. shooting shut down all northbound lanes of 8 80 in oakland. victim is lying on the road which near the jackson street ramp. lacking at cell phone video of the scene taken moments ago from carolyn tyler. chp trying to figure out where exactly the shooting happened and they don't know at this point how long the highway will be closed. of course a lot of traffic with the warriors game
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letting out. >> to the weather forecast almost to the weekend and cool weather seems like it's going ease. >> the cool weather will fade in time for the weekend plans. right now live doppler 7 hd showing you some cloud cover around the bay area. not uses interthe coast but in over parts of the bayia so we'll be dealing with low clouds in the morning. different variety of clouds earlier today. this was isn't by linda w to you report. she called it weird clouds in brentwood. actually what you are looking at what we call lenticular clouds. lens shaped clouds and we saw quite a few of them earlier this afternoon. tonight as you look at the beautiful view from the camera looking towards san francisco we have some patchy low clouds around and here are the temperatures. 53 grease in santa rosa. napa. 56 livermore. 54 in los gatos. hay definition im riville camera look back towards san francisco you can see the low clouds this is what you deal with first t with first thing in the morning. mostly cloudy. cool
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mornings. sunny breezy tomorrow afternoon and it's turning warmer in the weekend. here's satellite radar we have those early morning showers. they manufacture through pretty quickly. trace amounts to few hundredths. now we wait for this system here. it's a dry system but it will bring in cooler air tomorrow so we are looking at the temperatures falling tomorrow afternoon by few more degrees. overnight tonight a lot of cloud cover. cool start first thing in the morning so when you wake up and getting ready to head out the door make sure you bundle up. clouds clear. breeze will kick up once again and mostly sunny friday afternoon. so great way tone the work week in the morning those temperatures will be running cooler than where they were this morning. upper 40's to the mid 50's. as i mention some cloud cover around mention some cloud cover around. you will want to grab a jacket or swatter as you leave home. tomorrow afternoon temperatures lack lake this in the south bay. 70 agrees in gilroy. 67 san jose. sunshine in sunnyvale. santa cruz mid 60's. on the peninsula 65 in palo alto and menlo park 63 san
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mateo o. upper 50's along the coast and breezy. make it really feel cool. daly city 57 and 61 downtown san francisco lingering clouds in the north bay. 70 for santa rosa, nap a.head out to the base you see mid 60's oakland san lae andro. free mont 67 inland these temperatures running cooler than where you should be this time of year. in concord pittsburgh 70's, 71 fairfeld and livermore. tomorrow evening if we good to the aichl's game they host the royals ato.coliseum make sure to have a sweatshirt. 7:05 and falling to mid 50's by 10:00 p.m. accu-weather 7 day forecast will feature warmer weather. you see the weekend. upper 50's to low 80's saturday warming up to the upper 80's by sunday. close to 90 degrees for monday before we see a cool down. temperatures dropping down by midweek. upper 70's. >> okay thanks very much. >> want to go back outow to
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oracle arena where the warriors season just ended. >> sadly larry is there live. hi larry. >> the how are you doing. sad but also there's satisfaction because the season provided so many sprays. warriors really the talk of the fba this year. in the end the more experience spurs just too tough in game 6. all the highlights post game reaction live [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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female narrator: the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set.
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when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> good evening everybody. it was a great run while it lasted but the warriors thrilling season came to an end tonight as the san antonio spurs finished off golden state play off series 4 games to 2. scary moment in the game just before half time. harrison barns down hard. slammed his head on the court. would he stay down for
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several minutes. got 6 stitches. came back. in the third quarter. but had to sit down with a headache. late third leonard missed the 3 own rebound then throw it down with authority. spurs go 12 point concussion on. close the gap on the fourth. david lee torn hip flex or and all. 9 points in 12 minutes. curry 9 points in the last game. 2 tonight. jumper 77-75 with the spurs clutch late. leonard corner three. had he 16. then parker 3 of 16 shootings but clutch. 13 for parker and magical run comes to an end for golden state. 94-82. the spurs inconvenience to the conference final for the second straight year. >> battle guys gave me everything they had. and we fought. i could not be proud of any group. >> hate losing but i don't want us to be the end for all of us. having a good time. great tile. this kind of comrade and
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chemistry don't come by very often. >> build on this for next year. so we have 3 and a half months to kind of sit on it and and think back and learn from everything the georgian the bad this year. >> continuing with the play off theme the shark in game 2 of the play off series in los angeles and this was a heart breaker for the mean in teal who give up 2 goals very late in the third and lose 4-3. sharks without torez suspended the rest of the series because of hit in game 1. tied at 2. 11 minutes left. edward the score but 2 minutes left shark already in the penalty box. a delay of game penalty for shingt the puck over the glass and kings good to work. 5 on 3 and kings good to work. 5 on 3. brown ties it at 3. then just 22 seconds later still on a power play. lewis slams home the rebound and just lick that the shark go from tying the series to suddenly down. game 3 in san jose on saturday.
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giants and rockies. mat cain early hold. bottom ott second. that's deep to right and off of the right field foul pole 2 run blast. 2 nothing. they would add 3 more but the giants come back from a hole. 4th inning. crew ford. giants down a run take the leading in the 6. 2 on. 2 out. base hit up the middle. 2 run score giants back in the win couple as they beat the rockies this is the sports report brought to you by river rock casino mixed emotion tonight. sadness end of the season but whether a tremendous run this year and a bright future ahead. >> a lot of fun larry thanks very much. >> somewhating has shut down northbound lanes of 08 80 in oak l
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oakland were closed but one lane has just reopened. there is a somewhating victim lying in the roadway interthe jackson street ramp. >> now you are looking at cell phone video but this is now a cal-trans camera showing the backed up traffic. investigators are trying to see if there are any other victims and whether person was shot on the highway or perhaps thrown out of a car. >> chp don't have an estimate on how long 8 80 will be closed or badly impacted. we have updates overnight on twitter, abc 7 news bay why are. >> right now let's get a check of the forecast with sandhya. >> you want to make sure that you bundle up when you head out the door tomorrow morning. we are looking at mostly cloudy. cool start. light wind. upper 40's to mid 50's not much at 8:00 a.m. only 50's. mike is here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> a


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